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Texas Juggling Society - Austin, Texas

I have been a member of the Texas Juggling Society for many years. If you're interested in juggling or any related circus art (poi, diabolo, cigar boxes, devil sticks, unicycles, etc.), you should stop by for a visit. We meet every Thursday evening, all year long, from 7 to 10 pm. We meet inside of Gregg House at All Saint's Episcopal Church (209 W 27th Street). Meetings are open to jugglers and unicyclists of all ability, including beginners and spectators. Also, it's FREE!

Make Your Own Clubs

Recently, I discovered The Green Club Project - It sounded pretty darn cool, so I decided to put my own step-by-step Make Your Own Clubs photo tutorial together. Here's how my first set of clubs turned out:

Three Green Clubs

Favorite Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos:

Austin Jugglefest 2004 - The Big Toss EJC 2004 - Unicycle Combat EJC 2004 - Humans Austin Jugglefest 2005 - Tower of Power