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  • Super Juggler Props - Foamie clubs! These are amazing for teaching kids, or for adults who want to practice without waking everyone up
  • Cathedral Juggling - Great rings and my favorite russian balls
  • Play - Maker of the excellent PX3, PX4, and EX1 clubs
  • Flying Clipper - Check out the PT Pro, it's my favorite ball right now
  • Henrys - They make the very popular Pirouette club
  • 3 Finger Juggling - Knives, axes, cleavers, machetes, and... cow bells???
  • Renegade Juggling - Great selection of gear, plus they are an American reseller of Play props
  • Gballz - I've got a set of N8 Pros, they are very nice
  • Yo Yo Sam - Don't be fooled by the name, this is a fantastic site that sells an assortment of yo-yos, clubs, diabolos (Sundia!), and unicycles. Plus they have great sales...
  • Pass the Props - These friendly folks carry a wide variety of props
  • Dube - Nice variety of props
  • Mister Babache - Europe-based site with some unique props
  • Unicycle.com - The name says it all
  • Yo Yo Expert - Great site, dedicated to yo-yos
  • Western Stage Props - Whips, ropes, and other fun stuff (like a foam frying pan)
  • Slackline Industries

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